Ultimate guide to buying countertop water filters

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If you need an effective and simple way to filter the water, then buying a countertop water filter is the best thing to do. The good thing about a countertop water filter is that it is easy to move around. You can even put it in your van and travel or just take it to a camping expedition where you are guaranteed that you have clean water.

These types of filters help to filter away chlorine and several other chemicals that are present in water. If you want further filtration to remove lead, cysts, bacteria, nitrates, heavy metals, and fluoride, you can install an advanced cartridge.

Buying countertop water filters

Necessity of a countertop water filter

water filter 523we6Countertop water filters have several advantages to offer. First, they can filter a large amount of water real quick. Also, they are very easy to install. In fact, you do not need a plumber to help you. This can save you a lot of money and time.  This is because you can be assured you will get healthier water.

What to consider

Before buying a countertop water filter, you can check out some things. In this way, you can easily determine what your household requires. This will make your decision a lot easier. It can save you the trouble of purchasing something only to realize that it cannot suit your purpose. The following are some things to consider:

Your water

You need to know the contents your water has. Having the right information, it will be easy to know the countertop water filter to purchase. Remember that these machines remove chemicals in water. If you are living in an area with water that contains bacteria, fluorine, and dirt particles, you will need to purchase a cartridge that is compatible with your countertop water filter.


water filter 2552Do you have adequate space for your countertop water filter? Before buying this machine, ensure there is sufficient space in your kitchen to accommodate it. If there is no adequate space, you should consider purchasing an under sink water filter. Moreover, you can find new brands which can help sort ought the mentioned problem.

Water capacity

It is necessary to consider the amount of water you need for daily use. Take into account the number of people living in your house. Also, include your pets.