Steps taken by a fire damage restoration company


When fires occur in the home, they do great damage to the property. The fire leaves behind charred walls, burned surfaces, and even the smell of smoke all over the place. However, one does not have to write off their property should there be a fire. They can seek the services of fire damage restoration to help them restore their property.


Most fire damage restoration companies give emergency services hence are able to come quickly to your aid. One should always look out for this feature when selecting a fire damage restoration company. An emergency response is not only for the firefighters but also for the damage restoration companies since they are meant to prevent further damage caused by the fire. They are meant to take care of any such damages so that even if the fire damaged the house, no other thing could damage the house further. Here are some of the steps taken by a fire damage restoration company.


The restoration company will then carry out an assessment of the extent of damage to the property. This involves determining how far the fire spread, effects of the smoke, and how bad the fire affected the home. Doing the assessment gives the company a chance to come up with a plan of how to carry out the work, the time they will take, and even the amount that one will be expected to pay after completion.

Cleaning up

HOUSE FIRE 2Cleaning up is a major step of fire restoration services. This helps in clearing the smoke from the surfaces. They will ensure that the house goes back to its normal look. The water restoration will also be needed here in terms of sanitizing to ensure that the water is not contaminated after they are done with the whole restoration process. They will also ensure that they get rid of any odors of burning things that may have been left behind by the fire.

Repair & renovation

Repairing and restoring is done on furniture and any other things caused by the fire. If the damage is too much, they may consider buying new ones instead of repairing. They will do anything possible to ensure that one’s property gets to where it was before the fire. They can also offer to redesign of your property when they bring new items to replace those destroyed in the fire.


Once the restoration company begins its work, they will be out to ensure no further damage occurs on the property. They start by addressing points like the roof, which can cause further damage in case it rains. Moreover, they work hand in hand with the water restoration service providers just in case the fire causes water pipes to burst.