Choosing the Right House Cleaning Service Company

Choosing a reputable cleaning service is an important decision you can make. Thus, you treat this process as an interview. This is because you are hiring a house cleaning company or individual to enter your most intimate and private space and work with the valuable possessions. In fact, it is possible to find same day cleaning service in Chicago.

You ought to look beyond the cost per visit and evaluate overall experience the cleaning service provider can give you. Ensure you take adequate time to evaluate the house cleaning service provider to ensure that he or she meets your individual needs. The following are some important factors to consider:

Insurance and bonding
You need to ask the company whether it is insured and bonded. In fact, it is an important question to ask; this is because your homeowners’ insurance may not be covering injuries that result from the cleaning process. A professional home cleaner should have an insurance cover to help mitigate the risks. For instance, the company should have workman’s compensation, full coverage auto, and general liability policy. The most important insurance cover to ask is workman’s compensation.

Bonding is a guarantee against activities or acts of dishonesty in providing the service. A professional house cleaning company with a bond is a good sign that the employers screen their employees thoroughly.

Your house cleaning company should provide you with a guarantee. Reputable companies will offer you a guarantee on both their services and products they sell to you. The good thing about a guarantee is that it will offer you a thorough re-clean of items, usually within 24 hours. You can also be assured that they will come on the day agreed. For instance, if cleaning should be done on every Monday, then the team will arrive at the agreed time.

Number of cleaners
You need to know the number of cleaners that will come to your home. It is advisable to choose a company that sends the same team everything you need your house to be cleaned. This is necessary to prevent cancellations.

Cleaning solutions
You need to know the type of cleaning solutions the company uses. Are you going to purchase everything? You need a professional company that provides you with all cleaning supplies, vacuums, cleaning solutions, and everything. Thus, you will not have to run around looking for supplies. Moreover, you ought to ask the company about their cross contamination policy.